Investment Advisors

Taking Action: How To Open An Account

Making a decision about a substantial amount of your assets is not an easy task. We have tried to assist you by detailing our role and methods in investment management.

Opening an account with Serco Investments will involve gathering important financial information from you. It is imperative that we know and understand your financial goals and investment objectives before we begin managing your assets. To this end, we have included a detailed questionnaire. Please take time to answer each question. It will help us in our endeavors.

Other documents that will require signature for opening your account are a limited power of attorney form, allowing the Serco Investments management team to actively manage your account, and an Investment Council Account Agreement. This investment agreement, downloadable from this web site, sets forth the terms and conditions of Money management with Serco Investments. Take the time to read it and again, if any item needs clarification, please call.

Should you already have an account at a brokerage firm, we will gladly work with them and your present broker and/or financial planner.

To open an account, or for any inquiry you might have about our management services, please contact us via email at We will be able to respond to your inquiry expeditiously if you provide us detailed information about yourself and the nature of investments you have interest in.

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