Investment Advisors

Dear Investor:


The market volatility and economic uncertainty of our times demand that investors take steps to preserve and expand their capital. In today's marketplace, innovative strategies and techniques are essential to achieve those ends. A very effective strategy for enhancing capital involves long-term, professional money management.

A successful money manager must be able to operate efficiently and effectively in the complex financial markets of today. Money management requires an understanding of currencies, interest rates, commodities, options and the effects of program trading - not only in the United States, but all over the world. In addition, political fortunes of major nations must be monitored. One must be knowledgeable about how those changes will affect various industries. As a professional manager it is necessary to constantly monitor the pulse of the markets.

At Serco Investments, we are professionals with a singular dedication of purpose: to achieve a client's financial goals and investment objectives. Our aim is simply to achieve, over time, the highest obtainable real return commensurate with safety of principal.

With volatility comes opportunity. The current marketplace offers increasing avenues for capital enhancement. Our unique money management system has proven that superior results do not have to be an elusive goal.

Serco Investments offers high net-worth individuals, corporations and pension and profit sharing plans the type of professional service whereby they can substantially increase the value of their market assets. Significantly, a professional money manager can provide these valuable services in a cost effective way.

We invite you to peruse the information provided on this web site. My staff and I would like to be partners in your financial success. Your inquiries are welcome.


Rajiv Sharma