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Serco Investments does not provide any financial planning services. An investment manager is not a substitute for a capable financial planner. Our role is to manage those assets that you wish to employ in the financial markets. A financial planner provides a complete and total overview of your needs. A comprehensive financial plan covers a wide range of areas, including estate planning, employee benefits, insurance needs, capital management and tax planning. In fact, the financial planner might be considered a generalist, whereas we would be considered a specialist - catering only to your capital management.


The importance of tax advice and planning cannot be overlooked. Our decision to buy and sell securities does not take into consideration the tax consequences you may encounter. Thus, it is in your own best interest to inform us of any tax implications which may result in our actions. Also, it behooves you to do tax planning early. Year-end "must" decisions are not always beneficial to one's portfolio.

Our Performance, And What Your Expectations Should Be

Professional money management should be viewed as a long-term commitment. Such a commitment will tend to yield better than average investment results over a reasonable period of time. Wealth is created over years, not over short spans of time. All too often people have an image of a money manager trading fast and furiously for their account, and producing instantaneous results. Money management is not speculation nor for that matter gambling. It is a disciplined approach to achieving financial objectives.

Serco Investments practices such a disciplined approach in managing accounts. We do more than simply "make" investments. We consider it of paramount importance to demonstrate prudence and caution in managing assets. However, the firm is committed to attaining and preserving rates of return in excess of inflation over full market cycles.

Fee Schedule

Clients pay a fee calculated quarterly, for investment services provided. The fee is calculated by multiplying the Net Asset Value by one fourth of the fee schedule. When a new account is established, the client pays a management fee to bring it up to the next calendar quarter.

There can be periods when the management fees are debited from an account in which there has been no noticeable activity. Keep in mind that all accounts are monitored with a frequency unmatched elsewhere. We employ an extensive review process to determine whether the trends we are following correspond to our evaluation, and specific stocks are meeting our expectations. This process entails the monitoring of individual stocks on a minute by minute basis. The sum total of the portfolios is monitored on a weekly and monthly basis.