Investment Advisors

Incomparable Services

The money management services of Serco Investments are unlike most other money management firms. Each account is managed separately and individually. The firm is successful in blending the best of two worlds. We bring old fashioned, personalized service to an industry where modern technology has created an impersonal environment. A client is more than an account number at Serco Investments. Although we have clients throughout the United States and all over the world, we make every effort to visit with them personally. We build close and enduring financial partnerships based on trust and integrity. No attention to detail is overlooked in our efforts to serve our client's needs.

However, the complexity of the financial markets calls for us to have state of the art technology. We employ the most modern software available to keep abreast of market activity. Such equipment helps us in attaining the kind of results demanded by us and our clients. Importantly, our size enables us to be alert, flexible and adaptive to rapidly changing market environments.

Building a thorough understanding of our existing and prospective clients' financial goals is of utmost importance. In the initial stages of developing a relationship with a client, significant efforts are made to discern needs and investment objectives. These objectives determine the type of issues purchased, and the manner in which the account is traded. Although each of our accounts is managed separately, investments are often purchased in large blocks to reduce transaction costs and then allocated to individual accounts. We actively trade through numerous established brokerage firms.



Communication is an integral part of our operation. We encourage our clients to communicate with us. We have a toll-free 800 number to facilitate this communication. Any questions or concerns are promptly attended to. We communicate with our clients so that they are knowledgeable about the status of their account and the management we are providing. We owe this service to our clients who have put their trust in us for achieving their investment goals.


An essential feature of our client services is keeping our clients well informed of the status of their accounts. For each transaction, a trade confirmation is sent from the brokerage house where the account is domiciled. In addition, each client receives a monthly statement on the status of their account from the brokerage firm. Each quarter, Serco Investments submits to each client a portfolio performance review. This multi-paged report presents the previous three month's performance, as well as year-to-date performance in a comprehensive manner. We also like to use the occasion of these reports as an opportunity to communicate with our clients about general market trends and likely investment strategies.